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Around us, we encounter various developmental issues and social injustice everyday; but we try to ignore them and move on. We hope for solutions to come from the government or from someone else. It proved to be a long fruitless wait. Even then we don’t dare to tackle problems ourselves. 

True, the enormity of problems deters us from taking them head on. The scarcity of resources force us away from taking the lead.
But we can - yes, we can - , with coordinated and focused efforts, by dedicated individuals and organizations, solve many of these issues. 

Navabharath Foundation provides a platform for such individuals and organizations to help solve these problems in a scientific, systematic and efficient way. We call upon each and everyone of you to join us to create a better world for all, not just a select few.

Focus Areas

Youth Empowerment

The Youth should come out of their hiding and take up the task of building a new nation. They should work towards a corruption-less, classless, caste-less society where hard work will be rewarded and everyone can attain their dreams if they put their mind to it. The youth should learn the issues around them, gain the courage to speak up, learn the tools to present their ideas and solutions vocally and verbally. They should create an environment where they can get help from others and they help others in need. 

Navabharath Foundation’s youth empowerment goals are: Improve leadership skills among youth to enable them to gather ideas and resources from various avenues and to use those resources effectively to solve problems facing their communities; Cultivate entrepreneurship among youth so that they will become job givers instead of job seekers; Promote social responsibility for giving back to the community and to be active participants in community development. Our MentorIndia and TeamUp programs are geared towards these goals. 

Quality in Education

Our education system should create the leaders of tomorrow who will challenge the norm and work for the betterment of our society. But our current educational system is lost when it comes to develop students as independent thinkers and problem solvers. 
A major shift is needed in the mindset of educators, teachers, administrators and government to prepare our students for the challenges of a digital age. Teachers need to be re-tooled to help the students unleash their potential. The students should be taught that there isn’t anything they can not achieve, if they put their mind to it. The education should instill in the students individual responsibility and a social sense. 
Navabharath Foundation develops innovative methodologies and solutions to solve some of the problems inherent in our educational system. We develop tools to help teachers to be innovative, more efficient and more student-centered in a differentiated learning environment. Our solutions enable the students to face the challenges of the 21st century.


A society can not exist without caring for and taking care of the environment around it. Our land, water and air are getting polluted day in and day out. Our land is filled with non-degradable materials that will curtail the water replenishment of the soil and will emit carcinogens for years to come. Lack of proper waste management results in degradable waste getting degenerated on the road sides and other public spaces emitting bad odor and becoming breeding ground for rats, bacteria, flies and mosquitoes. The uncontrolled air pollution by burning plastic is causing breathing problems and cancer for children and adults alike. We need a great push to stop the deterioration of our environment, for us and for the generations to come. We need a concerted effort from public to stop this abuse and save our earth. Navabharath Foundation has launched two initiatives in this space – Jaiva and CYOB.

Poverty Alleviation

As important as saving the environment, it is essential that we take care of the people around us who can not do it by themselves by various reasons. While a growing economy creates many opportunities, it fails to trickle down to the bottom of the pyramid most of the time. Corruption and inefficiencies are adding to it. We need to reach out to them and hold their hand to cross that line, the PL (the poverty line). 
Navabharath Foundation is developing income generation opportunities for the under privileged families so that they can come out of the poverty. The projects such as Artificial Ornament Making, Rabbit Rearing, Oranment Fish Breeding and Pickle Making are steps in that direction. These projects, managed using our Micro Enterprise Incubation model, are run by SHGs (self help groups of women) or individual entreprenurs. Many other initiative in this direction are in the development phase.

On-going Projects


The focus of the MentorIndia program is to empower the youth by connecting them with leaders and experts in different fields and thereby providing an opportunity for the youth to learn from the mentors’ experience and knowledge. 

Improve leadership skills

Improve leadership skills among youth to enable them to gather ideas and resources from various avenues and to use those resources effectively to solve problems facing their communities 

Cultivate entrepreneurship

Cultivate entrepreneurship among youth so that they will become job givers instead of job seekers

Promote social responsibility

Promote social responsibility by giving back to the community and to be active participants in community development.

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Give them hope. Give them direction. Give them the tools.

Motivate them to do things they think impossible.

Expose them to the wide world of opportunities.

Share the experiences of your life that made you successful. 

Share some of your failures too. 
And how you overcame and prevailed.

When you experienced new things, 

when you discovered new methods, 

when you uncovered a hidden truth, 

haven’t you thought about passing that ‘light’ to someone in the next generation? 

Here is your chance to do just that...

All it takes for you to become a mentor is 2-3 hours per month. You can make a major change in the mindset of high school students. You can motivate them, you can help them to think critically, you can help them reach new goals.   If you can spend two – three hours per month, you can mentor a class. Please let us know your area of expertise and we will match you with the right group. We will help you with creating the presentation. We will provide you training.

What is stopping you now?  Come join us to become a mentor. Together, we can make a difference.

Make it your CSR project

As customers, employees, and society at large place increasing importance on CSR, partnering with us can provide a practical way forward for your company to assess the true opportunities of CSR. Only a few companies have developed an approach and have found the way to run their CSR.  Partnering with NBF provides a solution to the challenges of executing the CSR objectives of your company. Involvement in our projects adopting it as one of your CSR activities enhances the skill set of your employees and is proved to be an innovative way to encourage leadership and the capacity building to solve critical problems.  Going beyond common practices, we assure you of the multiple benefits of CSR for building employee engagement, re-enforce personal and social values in them and shape individual behavior and expectations about how they work and interact together.

Hear what our mentors say....

“MentorIndia was one of the best experiences in my life” – Suraj, Arbitron

”My employees developed more leadership skills from MentorIndia than any other leadership program” – Shilen S., MD, Arbitron.

”I got so much enjoyment from seeing the faces of a fourteen year olds lights up with new ideas” –  Mary, Arbitron.

Mentoring is a Win-Win

Effective mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship. While the mentees get personal growth, career development, lifestyle changes, goal achievement and better understanding of the world, the mentors also benefit by improving their own personal and professional growth through leadership skills and relating to people of varying skill sets, personalities and backgrounds.

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Our roads, open spaces, water bodies are all becoming dumping ground for household waste. Jaiva is a simple and inexpensive solution for the growing issue of the disposal of bio-degradable waste. Adopt Jaiva and make a statement.

How it works

Jaiva composts waste in 45 – 60 days and the compost can be used for organic farming. The system aids in environment protection by reducing wastes in landfills. Now no more hassles disposing waste. You can do it at home in the easiest way, at your convenience with the Jaiva system installed. Let us make healthy practices the newest trend to provide a clean and hygienic surrounding starting with our homes.

Main Features:

Single frame with provision to add bins according to usage.

Once full, bins can be replaced easily.

Tumble design does away with the need to mix waste manually.

Bin is inaccessible to rodents.

A permanent solution for processing household bio-degradable waste with no recurring cost.

The compost can be used as very effective manure in both flower and vegetable gardens.

Jaiva 2.0

You can order a unit by contacting Navabharath Foundation at info@navabharath.org or by calling 0484-257-7676


Multiple intelligence areas of the brain need to be stimulated to ensure the holistic development of a child during his schooling. Involving children in sports, group games and extra-curricular activities will facilitate this development, which in turn will help them perform better in their academics. Team Up is an initiative directed towards this end.

TeamUp promotes games such as football, volley ball and basket ball. We are teaming with current and previous players in each of the fields to provide coaching to schools. Interested companies and individuals sponsor one or more school. The major goals of the program are:- 
Set up sports clubs in schools to promote football, volleyball and basketball, focusing on 5th-9th grade students. Create awareness among children, parents and school about the importance of games in personal growth and development. Provide qualified training in collaborating with various sports promotion bodies.Provide an environment for students to participate in games. Ensure the participation of the parents and teachers in the games promotional activities.

Micro Enterprises

Our self-sustainable micro enterprise business model works with the local community to identify entrepreneurs and support them with an environment in which they can grow their micro-enterprises. The result is that successful local micro-enterprises provide jobs, income and education to their employees in the local community leading to a better living standard.

The Model

The Micro Enterprise Incubation Model transforms business ideas into self-sustaining micro-enterprises by providing a structured four-phased approach with supporting toolkits. The incubation model is built around the development of management, marketing, financial and technical skills of the micro enterprise owner/groups.

To help the economically disadvantaged reach economic self-sufficiency, micro credits and periodical monitoring with relevant guidance and knowledge are made available to them by NBF for the start up of a small business. This strategy not only enhances their income, but also creates more jobs, addressing the issue of unemployment.

Ornament Making
Fabric Painting
Aquarium Fish Farming
Fish Farming
Rabbit Rearing
Pickle Making
Their Stories...

Jameela Kunjumon realized that she had a deep passion and a special knack for bringing a magic home taste into her pickles. She joined 5 other women to venture a pickling unit named ‘Thanima’. As the name suggests the customer would love the unique experience of titillating their taste buds, with pickles ranging from ordinary tender mangoes to Pepper, Bamboo, Quail eggs and many more such fresh and fine ingredients which are usually unheard of, occupying a place on the pickle shelf. Sunitha who already knows 125 odd types of pickles keeps on working at creating and introducing more and more unique mixes and new varieties of pickles that eventually becomes high in demand. While dreaming towards a well established pickle production and packing unit and a better future for themselves they admit that if there was no hand holding from NBF, they would have never known the areas they are exploring now. The timely support of NBF all throughout the conception into infancy and afterwards of their enterprise has truly enabled them to dare to scale the heights they otherwise unimagined earlier.

Rajesh supports a family of five. He has known the sting of poverty and the disadvantages of being economically unstable. All the more he has a great desire to come out of the grind of miseries that surrounds and improve the status of his life. He discovered a growing passion in himself for rearing the ornamental fish and met NBF to help him follow it as business. After getting a hands-on experience for breeding and hatching the angel fish at NBF facility he got more confident and energized into taking up more challenges. The seed money required for buying the breeders and starting the business was not affordable by him and NBF extended their support in giving him the needed funds. He is grateful to Navabharath for lending him a supporting hand at times of his needs and for equipping him with relevant knowledge and experience to forge ahead

Sajeevan owns 35 cents of brackish water farm. Though the skills required for maintaining a fishfarm was inborn to his family, the activities were long forgotten, until when NBF approached him. The farm activities had come to a halt years back. Though sajeevan had an interest to continue to maintain the farm, he was not in a sound financial status to hold on to it. Sajeevan had no idea that they will ever be able to revive the abandoned farm as they did it now with the help of NBF trying to re-write their own destiny through the aqua farm activity. NBF provided all financial and technical assistance to Sajeevan in re-building his farm and sluice to help them transform their farm into a major source of income for his family. 

Beauty Star Ornament making group at Kizhakkambalam make attractive designs of artificial hand-made jewelry. A feature about this group was broadcasted on television, as an inspiration for many more women to take up such activities to support their family income. NBF channelized opportunities to showcase their products to a wider audience, exposing them to business trends and processes and the purchasing habits of varied type of customers. These rural women were proud of making a lump sum profit for themselves at exhibitions at different locations. They thank NBF for helping them acquire this skill that has lit up their households with a new hope.

Many more Jameelas, Rajeshs, and Sajeevans

We request you to help us expand our activities to many more people helping them weave brighter dreams of attaining sustainability to their small enterprises, with required infrastructure and equipment for upgrading and supporting many more start-up micro enterprises. We invite you to help change a life, and change the life of a village, by becoming donor.

There are many more Jameelas, Rajeshs, and Sajeevans in the rural areas, where NBF run their operations, caught up in the vicious circle of poverty, miseries and unemployment. During the last 5 years NBF had been able to reach out only to the most neediest through the funds provided by the trustees. Still the enormity of the number of people in dire need and the number of needs of the beneficiaries and others always outweighs the funds made available through the generous effort of the trustees. The exhaustive nature of these funds is a limitation to our desire and willingness to extend our services to many more people trapped in grinding poverty and waiting for a helping hand extended to them. 

Product Gallery
Beautiful Bangles

You can order these products by contacting Navabharath Foundation at info@navabharath.org or by calling our office at 0484-257-7676

Get Involved...

NBF creates an environment in which volunteerism can flourish and people have the opportunity to participate in the development of a ‘Nava Bharath’  (New India).

Volunteer/Intern with Us

NBF promotes the integration of volunteering into its core programs and activities to facilitate more ownership by people at all levels, in community development.  The Volunteers are invited to take part in the combined efforts of NBF to bring about a transformed society. Through volunteerism, more people can participate in development, which empowers them and gives them a personal stake in their nation’s future. Volunteers from diverse professional and technical backgrounds and skills are welcomed. Your actions as an NBF Volunteer can also inspire others to volunteer and to believe that they too can make a contribution towards development of a new India. Are you interested and/or available to volunteer your time and skills?

The decision to serve as an NBF Volunteer is based on a commitment to the world around and in support of the contributions one can make as a change-maker in the society.  Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. We are inspired by the conviction that volunteerism is a powerful means of engaging people in tackling development challenges of a new India.  Everyone can contribute their time, skills and knowledge through volunteer action and their combined efforts can be a significant force for achieving better results. It can be both challenging and rewarding and require you to use your skills in a new context. You can also transfer useful knowledge while gaining a greater understanding of the issues affecting other people. As a Volunteer you have the extraordinary opportunity to create beneficial change and have a positive impact on people's lives. Even if your service could be fairly short, it can have a long-term impact and achieve a ripple effect that extends far beyond the immediate beneficiaries of your efforts.


Volunteering  Opportunities

To conduct researches and scientific studies that would help in making creative interventions in existing educational systems.

To provide innovative ideas, expertise and technical support in formulating modules for presenting to educational institutions.

To prepare modules based on alternative teaching methods.

To conduct awareness workshops in schools.To promote project among sponsors.

To coach students in football, basketball and volley ball games.To train coaches for football, basketball and volley ball games.

To research various ideas for income generation and make it as workable modules.

To work with existing SHGs (Self Help Groups) and support them to engage in income generation activities.

To do market studies of the products developed by SHGsTo research government schemes that promotes Income Generation Programmes.

To coordinate with NGOs to collaborate in Income Generation Programmes.

To research in subsidies from government for various Income Generation Programmes.

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Internship Opportunities

The NBF Internship Program is designed for individuals who are interested in being part of a learning environment. For those open minded individuals who wish to develop their professional skills in a unique manner, who understands the value of a community building experience and wish to explore new avenues, internship with NBF is more than a job opportunity; it is a unique leadership experience in a nurtured and creative environment. 

We provide internships to MSW,BSW, MBA, BTech and B.Sc/BA students. Please apply early since we could admit only a certain number of interns.

Short Term Internship

Duration: 1-3 month
Projects: Micro Enterprises, Jaiva
Payment: unpaid

Long Term Internship

Duration: 4 months – 1 year.
Payment: A stipend is paid monthly based on experience.

Typically interns will be paired with other interns and supervised and mentored by a NBF staff member.

Reports needed for the academic requirements will be reviewed and certified by an NBF staff member.

TA will be paid for any project related travel.
No other allowances will be paid.
Sign up for Internship

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Contact Us

We have moved. Please note the new address and phone number.

Navabharath Foundation

8/267 C, Kottilakkattu

Malippuram. P.O,

Kochi, Kerala - 682 511

Job Opportunities

1. Program Coordinator

Job Description       
Programme coordinator coordinates the activities of Mentorindia in Schools.      
Programme coordinator will be responsible for the implementation of the training for the students in selected institutions.        
He/She will plan, schedule all workshops conducted under Mentorindia Programme.      
He/she will share in the work of executing other projects like Navabharath Clubs, microenterprises and Jaiva until need arises for each project to be taken up by specific persons. 

1. Schedule and implement Mentorindia programmes in schools.
2. Conduct follow up and evaluation with students and volunteers
3. Co-ordinate efforts to ensure the full utilisation of training facilities, processes, resources and equipments.
4. Promote and publicize the program to select and enroll schools. 
5. Develop Partnership with Industries in providing volunteers and other support
6. Co-ordinate with Volunteers and trainers to administer the mentorindia workshop.
7. Facilitate and follow –up students’ team project activities.
8. Publicise the program among students, parents and potential volunteers.
9. Continuously seek and support new approaches, practices and process to improve the workshop

MBA/MSW/Post graduates with social commitment      
A team player with strong managerial, analytical, communicative and networking skills  
Ability to be proactive, self-motivated, and self-directed     
Excellent oral and written communication skills       
Ability for multitasking and willingness to travel for field visits      
At least 3 years experience in the field of education/social service  


Privacy Policy

We take privacy very seriously. Any personal information provided by our volunteers, mentors, donors, and beneficiaries as part of any projects, volunteering, or donation will be kept private. No information will be provided to other organizations or individuals for marketing or fundraising purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy or if you think your private information is used for any other purpose than marketing and fundraising needs of Navabharath Foundation, please inform us at info@navabharath.org and we will take necessary action.



About Us

Navabharath Foundation is promoted by a group of people who wants to see the betterment of our society in a sustainable way. They envision a Nava Bharath (New India) where quality education is available to everyone, not a select few; where youth is empowered to take up the challenges of tomorrow; where a clean environment provide the basic breathing right to all; where the disadvantaged can stand on their own.

We could list the bio of individual trustees and officers of our organization in these pages, but we chose not to. Because what matters most is our collective action to solve the problems facing our communities. Please join us for that collective action!